Governor Area

As a federation we have a single governing board covering six schools, with an individual local advisory committee for each school. One of the underpinning principles of the Cadmus Federation is to ‘promote a collaborative approach whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community and retain its distinct identity.’ The structure of the current Governing Board ensures decisions can be made at local advisory committee level and the local advisory committees can closely monitor the work in their school

Name School Type of Governor Position 
Mr Ross Doodson Alumwell / Millfield Co-opt Chair – Millfield and Co-Chair – Alumwell Junior School
Ms Lesley Sleigh Alumwell Junior/Millfield Co-opt Vice Chair Alumwell Junior School
Mrs Laura Guy Alumwell Junior Staff Governor Teacher
Mrs Lisa Upton Alumwell Junior Head of School, Alumwell HoS Alumwell Junior School
Mr Jack Pierce Alumwell Junior/Millfield Co-opt Co-Chair Alumwell Junior School
Mrs Kerry Boam Alumwell Junior Head of School, Alumwell HoS Alumwell Junior School
Ms Lucy Aaron Alumwell Junior Co-opt Governor
Shaun Brazier Alumwell Junior School Co-Opt Governor
Mrs Hollie Whittles Alumwell Junior Co-opt Governor
Mr Aaron Prior Alumwell Junior Co-opt Governor
Mrs Naheed Razaq Alumwell Junior Parent Governor Governor
Mrs Gemma Duroe Alumwell Junior School Clerk Clerk – Alumwell Junior School
Rev. Emily Reynolds Butts Primary Co-opt Governor
Mrs Mary Clarke-Mortiboys Butts Primary Co-opt Chair Butts Primary School
Mrs Jean Blackhall Butts Primary Co-opt Governor
Dr Jakob Whitfield Butts Primary Parent Governor Governor
Cllr Aftab Nawaz Butts Primary Co-opt Vice Chair Butts Primary
Ms Louise Bradburn Butts Primary Co-opt Governor / Staff member
Donna Marusamy Butts Primary Head of School HoS Butts Primary
Mr Deb Rajania Butts Primary Co-opt Governor
Mrs Angela Hill Butts Primary / Palfrey Junior Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher – Butts / Palfrey
Mrs Janet Marklew Butts Primary / Palfrey Junior Clerk Clerk – Butts / Palfrey
Mr Max Vlahakis Cadmus / Leighswood Chief Operating Officer / Executive Headteacher Chief Operating Officer – Cadmus
Mr Roland Roberts Cadmus / Palfrey Junior / Leighswood Co-opt Chair of Governors Cadmus / Palfrey Junior / Leighswood School
Mr Tom Nener Cadmus Standing Committee Co-opt Governor
Mr James Maxwell Cadmus Standing Committee Co-opt Governor
Nicola Rudge Chuckery Primary Co-Opt Governor
Mrs Janet Jeffries Chuckery Primary Co-opt Chair of Governors
Mrs Gaye Martin Chuckery Primary Co-opt Governor
Mr Gary Oates Chuckery Primary Co-opt Governor
Mr Pardeep Kiaro Chuckery Primary Co-opt Governor
Mr James Pearce Chuckery Primary Headteacher – Chuckery Headteacher
Mr Neil Ravenscroft Chuckery Primary Co-opt Chair – Chuckery
Miss Sara Pearson Chuckery Primary Co-opt Governor
Maureen Begum Chuckery Primary Co-opt Governor
Miss Jane Collins Chuckery Primary Clerk Clerk – Chuckery
Mrs Jane Hanmer Leighswood School Head of School HOS Leighswood
Mrs Tracey Pearson Leighswood School Head of School HOS Leighswood
Mrs Alison Haynes Leighswood School Co-opted Governor Governor
Ms Dawn Carter Leighswood School Staff Governor Governor / Staff member
Mr James Norris Leighswood School Parent Governor Governor
Miss Stacey Phillips Leighswood School Co-opt Governor
Mr Duncan Whitehouse Leighswood School Clerk Clerk – Leighswood School
Mrs Sabina Smith Millfield Primary Co-opt Governor
Michelle Sheehy Millfield Co-Headteacher Co-Headteacher – Millfield
Alison Stacey Millfield Co-Headteacher Co-Headteacher – Millfield
Mrs Lynn Hare Millfield Primary Local Authority Vice Chair Millfield Primary
Ms Catherine Simpson Millfield Primary Co-opt Governor
Vacancy Millfield Primary Parent Governor
Mrs Alison Saunders Millfield Primary Co-opt Governor
Mrs Kate Ehlen Millfield Primary Co-opt Governor
Mrs Bernadette Jones Millfield Primary Clerk Clerk – Millfield Primary School
Mr Ilyas Tarajia Palfrey Junior Co-opt Vice Chair Palfrey Junior
Mrs Rebecca Hawes Palfrey Junior / Leighswood School Co-opt Governor Palfrey Junior / Leighswood School
Mrs Neha Jolly Palfrey Junior Associate Governor Co-opt
Mrs Vanessa Kennedy Palfrey Junior Staff Governor Governor / Member of Staff
Mrs Cheryl Collis Palfrey Junior Head of School HoS  Palfrey Junior School
Mrs Bernadette Ratcliffe Palfrey Junior Co-opt Vice Chair Palfrey Junior
Ms Emily Kinsey Palfrey Junior Head of School, Palfrey HoS Palfrey Junior School
Afran Mahood Palfrey Junior Associate Governor Associate Governor

Cadmus Governors Declaration of Interests