Governor Area

Name School Type of Governor PositionĀ 
Michelle Sheehy Alumwell / Millfield Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher – Millfield / Alumwell
Mr Ross Doodson Alumwell / Millfield Co-opt Chair – Millfield and Alumwell Junior School
Mrs Julie O’Neill Alumwell / Millfield Clerk – Alumwell / Millfield
Ms Lesley Sleigh Alumwell Junior/Millfield Co-opt Chair Co-opted
Mrs Tracy Ismail Alumwell Junior Co-opt
Mrs Lisa Upton Alumwell Junior Head of School, Alumwell HoS Alumwell Junior School
Mr Jack Pierce Alumwell Junior/Millfield Co-opt Chair Co-opted
Mrs Kerry Boam Alumwell Junior Associate Member Head of School, Alumwell HoS Alumwell Junior School
Rev. Emily Reynolds Butts Primary Co-opt Butts Primary
Mrs Mary Clarke-Mortiboys Butts Primary Co-opt Chair Butts Primary School
Mrs Jean Blackhall Butts Primary Co-opt Vice Chair of Cadmus
Dr Jakob Whitfield Butts Primary Parent, Butts Primary School
Connie Jennings Butts Primary Associate Member – Walsall Housing Group
Cllr A Nawaz Butts Primary Co-opt Vice Chair Butts
Ms Louise Bradburn Butts Primary Co-opt
Donna Marusamy Butts Primary Head of School, Butts HoS Butts Primary
Mr Deb Rajania Butts Primary Co-opt Butts
Mrs Angela Hill Butts Primary / Palfrey Junior Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher – Butts / Palfrey
Mr Max Vlahakis Cadmus Chief Operating Officer Chief Operating Officer – Cadmus
Mr Max Vlahakis Cadmus Staff Governor/HT Interim Executive Headteacher
Mr Roland Roberts Cadmus / Palfrey Junior Co-opt
Mr Tom Nener Cadmus Standing Committee Co-opt
Mr James Maxwell Cadmus Standing Committee Co-opt
Nicola Rudge Chuckery Primary Associate Governor
Mrs Janet Jeffries Chuckery Primary Co-opt Vice Chair
Mrs Gaye Martin Chuckery Primary Co-opt Chuckery
Mr Gary Oates Chuckery Primary Co-opt
Chuckery Primary Co-opt Chuckery
Mr James Pearce Chuckery Primary Headteacher – Chuckery
Mr Neil Ravenscroft Chuckery Primary Co-opt Chair – Chuckery
Chuckery Primary Co-opt
Chuckery Primary Co-opt
Chuckery Primary Co-opt
Miss Jane Collins Chuckery Primary Clerk – Chuckery
Mrs Madeleine O’Dwyer Leighswood School Associate Member Head of School
Mrs Jane Hanmer Leighswood School Associate Member
Mrs Tracey Pearson Leighswood School Co-opted Governor
Mrs Alison Haynes Leighswood School Co-opted Governor
Mr Roland Roberts Leighswood School Co-opted Governor Chair Leighswood School
Ms Dawn Carter Leighswood School Staff Governor
Ms Sarah Lenton Leighswood School Papers Only School Business Manager
Mr James Norris Leighswood School Co-opt
Ms Lucy Burbanks Leighswood School Co-opt
Mrs Louisa Haynes Leighswood School Co-opt
Shaun Brazier Millfield Primary Head of School, Millfield
Mrs Sabina Smith Millfield Primary Co-opt
Mrs Lynn Hare Millfield Primary Local Authority Vice Chair Millfield Primary
Mrs Laura Pountney Millfield Primary Parent – Millfield Primary School
Mrs Alison Saunders Millfield Primary Co-opt
Mrs Alison Stacey Millfield Primary Co-opt
Mrs Kate Ehlen Millfield Primary Co-opt
Mr Ilyas Tarajia Palfrey Junior Co-opt Vice Chair Palfrey Junior
Mrs Rebecca Hawes Palfrey Junior Co-opt Palfrey Junior
Mrs Vanessa Kennedy Palfrey Junior Staff
Mrs Cheryl Collis Palfrey Junior Head of School, Palfrey HoSĀ  Palfrey Junior School
Mrs Bernadette Ratcliffe Palfrey Junior Co-opt Acting Chair
Mohammed Fahim Palfrey Junior Parent Governor
Mrs Neha Jolly Palfrey Junior Co-opt
Ms Emily Kinsey Palfrey Junior Associate Member Head of School, Palfrey HoS Palfrey Junior School
Mr Roland Roberts Palfrey Junior Co-opt
Arsan Zaman Palfrey Junior Associate Member