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Benefits of Cadmus federation:

Stronger Leadership: School leaders and teachers can combine their knowledge and planning abilities to work on challenges and solutions together.

Strategic Management: Governors can draw on each other’s experience to formulate strategic approaches. Governors from the federation include an ex-National Leader of Governance.

Shared Staffing: Human resources within schools can work across multiple sites, particularly in a localised Federation. This can appease the recruitment challenges facing the teaching industry and offer more varied opportunities to staff.

Specialist Resources: With combined funding in a Federation, specialist knowledge can be bought in many different areas, spanning academic, extra-curricular and operational functions.

Professional Development: This can be organised across multiple schools, thus spreading the cost per school and upskilling as many individuals as possible per session.

Economies of Scale: A Federation is able to purchase as a whole, thereby achieving economies of scale not achievable by schools as individuals. With ever tightening budgets, this can help schools maintain and build upon the resources and standards they aspire to.

Shared Accountability: As a Federation represents multiple schools, it is in its interest to raise the profile of each, in line with rising expectations.

Two National Leaders of Education: If you are a school within our group that has had an R/I judgement in Ofsted, you can use the internal NLEs who will have a better understanding of your school.

Pupil Premium Reviewer: Pupil Premium review from an accredited reviewer.

Lead Ofsted Inspector: Regular updates are given to the leadership group; regular Ofsted style reviews on any aspects of the curriculum; attendance at and support during an Ofsted Inspection; full pre-Ofsted health check.

We operate Cadmus Support Services which offers:

Behaviour support: We have a behaviour consultant who is a qualified primary teacher with over 20 years’ experience. The services she offers range from whole school behaviour reviews; exclusions advice; whole school training and support for individual pupils.

A SEND Advisory Service run by Beccie Hawes. Beccie is a nationally recognised and highly regarded consultant. The service will be used by schools and other organisations nationwide.  The high quality training and advice will be available to all Cadmus schools free of charge and they will get priority in booking additional services.  A wide ranging SEND support service will be available across a whole range of SEND provision.

Testimonial from Palfrey & Butts – Angela Hill

I am Angela Hill Executive Headteacher of Butts Primary and Palfrey Junior School. Prior to joining Cadmus both schools suffered under a lack of support and increased external pressures. Cadmus helped give the school’s direction and protection from the pressure that the school leadership was being put under.

The schools benefit from collaboration on curriculum matters, sharing good practice, shared resources, better procurement and shared CPD for teaching and learning.

Testimonial from Chuckery – James Pearce

Chuckery Primary School joined the Cadmus Family of Schools in November 2017 having spent some time looking for a formal supportive partnership that would provide the school with support and challenge whilst enabling the school to maintain its autonomy. At the time, Chuckery was a school that Ofsted judged  “Requires Improvement”.

Leaders and Governors knew that as a standalone school, within a Local Authority structure, Chuckery could not be as effective as they wanted it to be as quickly as they wanted it to be. Cadmus was the ideal partner as:


  • it offered a clear commitment to providing the support the school needed as well as providing a balance of challenge and thinking time.
  • the organisation enabled the school to maintain its own autonomy as it recognises the schools know how to meet the needs of their unique local communities.

Since joining Cadmus, Chuckery has been rated as a “Good” school and has continued to work closely with colleagues from across the Federation. We are proud of our school and proud to be part of the Cadmus Family of Schools.

Testimonial from Alumwell & Millfield – Michelle Sheehy

We joined CADMUS as a single form entry school as we thought that it was becoming more and more difficult for small schools to survive alone.  We didn’t want to join an Academy Trust and we saw that the CADMUS would enable us to be part of a useful collaborative group without Millfield Primary losing its identity as an outdoor learning school and without the school leadership losing their autonomy.

Since joining we have found the collaboration to be invaluable in moving our practice forward and have benefited from the many effective practitioners within the group.


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