Our Ethos

Cadmus is an influential partnership working together to achieve better outcomes for children through shared expertise, supported autonomy and the provision of specialised services

We are a group of schools working together because we believe our schools can gain many benefits from working collaboratively.

We have made a commitment to a shared responsibility to the wider school community, the provision of good quality education and the improvement of life chances for pupils in the community beyond that of our own schools.

Teachers, support staff, school leaders and governors have added expertise in working alongside colleagues to improve provision and outcomes for our pupils.

Our schools inspire and create a passion for learning. We take a localised and inclusive approach, involving our communities, to take collective responsibility for ensuring that every child and young person in our federation receives an excellent education.

We value our staff, who model themselves as lifelong learners, hungry to acquire new knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our governors are chosen to enhance the skills within the Federation and we highly value representation from our local community.

We aspire to deliver our lessons using exciting and innovative techniques, so that our pupils are absorbed and motivated by our teaching.

We regularly use outdoor learning experiences to deliver the curriculum.