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Cadmus Structure


How is Cadmus Different?


Although we are a federation and as such are a group of schools with a single governing body, our unique structure ensures that each school remains autonomous.


Each school has a local governing board composed of representatives from parents, the local community, and staff of each school as well as local authority governors and co-opted Governors.


All school-level strategic and financial decisions are delegated to the local governing boards so each school within Cadmus Family of Schools retains its own individuality and autonomy.


All Governors are members of the Cadmus Council of Governors.


What Ofsted Says About Us

“The federation has also provided effective support to develop the quality of teaching through staff training, moderation, and the opportunity for leaders to learn from the best practice in other schools.”

February 2019

“The school has drawn very successfully on external support, particularly through support for leadership and training.”

March 2018

“The school has recently joined the Cadmus Federation with four other local primary schools and, as a result, the schools work collaboratively to share resources and the expertise of skilled staff.”

January 2018

“Leaders, managers and staff make good use of the available expertise within the Cadmus Federation to pursue continued improvement.”

October 2019

“Teachers are strong in their praise of and respect for leaders of the school and the Federation”

July 2019

“The Cadmus Federation of schools has provided the school with good support. It has supported improvements in teaching and learning that have resulted in improved outcomes for pupils.”

January 2022


       "The school also receives good support from the Cadmus Federation."



November 2022


       "They also appreciate the additional training opportunities and support they receive from being          part of the Cadmus Federation.