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Millfield Primary


Millfield Primary School

Millfield Primary School’s ethos is ‘Imagine, Immerse, Inspire’. The school's curriculum aims to provide a sequence of concepts showing clear progression of skills and knowledge in each of the wider curriculum subjects. It aims to broaden the horizons and experiences of Millfield children, to enable them to recognise and take full advantage of opportunities available to them, promoting the curriculum driver, ‘possibilities’. The curriculum ensures pupils readiness for secondary school and their future careers. The curriculum has been designed to promote learning at a greater depth, to immerse the children in each subject, build their cultural capital and reveal possibilities all around them. Outdoor learning is an essential part of the Millfield curriculum, providing endless possibilities. All subjects have elements that are taught through outdoor learning opportunities. These experiences help to develop the problem solving abilities, resilience, team working skills and self-confidence of Millfield children. These key skills are essential when identifying and taking advantage of the possibilities available to them.


Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Alison Stacey – Head Teacher
Mr. Will Stacey – Deputy Head Teacher


Catshill Road
West Midlands
01543 452 513