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Governance Structure


Cadmus Council of Governors

This is the forum that champions the values on which Cadmus was formed. It meets annually to be informed of the progress of the federation, the financial sustainability of Cadmus and provide a forum to support and constructively challenge the progress and direction of the federation.
This is currently made up of all the Governors who sit on the Local Governing Boards plus the extra Governors who sit on Cadmus Governing Board. (See below.) There are currently 54 members of the Cadmus Council of Governors. This will change as more schools join the federation.


Cadmus Governing Board

The Governing Board has overall responsibility and accountability for delivering against the federation’s vision. It will undertake the due diligence in respect of any school wishing to join the federation, will look to opportunities to grow services in support of the whole federation, and ensure sustained school improvement and financial sustainability across the federation.
The Cadmus Governing Board is made up of 21 members in compliance with federation legislation and comprises of:

1 Chief Operating Officer (non-voting member)
6 Chairs of the Local Governing Committee (6 at present)
1 LA Governor
2 Parent Governors
1 Staff Governor
5 Co-opted Governors (co-opted for the skill set they bring to the board)
6 Senior leaders, representing each school in the federation (either Executive Head / Headteacher or Head of School as agreed amongst the senior leadership team)


Local Governing Boards

Each setting retains its own Governing Board. Joining the federation doesn’t dilute any of the powers delegated to individual governors. Cadmus is firmly based on the principle that our schools are at the heart of our local communities and that decisions should be taken as close to those communities as possible.


The Senior Leadership Team

The COO leads the federation in conjunction with Executive Headteachers / Headteachers and Heads of School from across all of the Federation’s settings. They will share best practice, grow the Federation, and advise on the strategic actions needed to drive ongoing federation and school improvement. Other leaders within each school may be called upon to support this process. Executive Headteachers / Headteachers / Heads of Schools and their leadership teams will lead the day-to-day operational management and strategic development of Federation schools.


The Schools Leadership Team

The senior leaders across all of the Federation’s settings lead the day to day operational management of Federation schools. They work with the Senior Leadership Team to share best practice, and implement the strategic actions needed to drive ongoing school improvement. They also support the Senior Leadership Team in the development and delivery of strategic actions needed to drive Federation development and improvement.

Cadmus Governing Body


NameType of GovernorPosition 
Mr Roland RobertsCo-optChair of Governors Cadmus / Palfrey Junior School / Leighswood School.
Mrs Mary Clarke-MortiboysCo-optChair Butts Primary School / Vice Chair of Cadmus Family of Schools.
Mr Ross DoodsonCo-optChair Millfield Primary School and Co-Chair Alumwell Junior School
VacancyStaff GovernorTeacher
Mr Jack PierceCo-optCo-Chair Alumwell Junior School.
Mrs Kerry BoamHead of School, AlumwellHoS Alumwell Junior School
Mrs Mary Clarke-MortiboysCo-optChair Butts Primary School.
Dr Jakob WhitfieldParent GovernorGovernor
Cllr Aftab NawazCo-optVice Chair Butts Primary School
Mr Deb RajaniaCo-optGovernor
Mrs Angela HillExecutive HeadteacherExecutive Headteacher – Butts Primary School/ Palfrey Junior School.
Mr Max VlahakisChief Operating Officer / Executive HeadteacherChief Operating Officer – Cadmus.
Mr Roland RobertsCo-optChair of Governors Cadmus
Mr Tom NenerCo-optGovernor.
Nicola RudgeCo-OptGovernor
Mrs Janet JeffriesCo-optChair of Governors.
Mr James PearceHeadteacher ChuckeryHeadteacher.
Mrs Jane HanmerHead of SchoolHOS Leighswood School
Mr Duncan WhitehouseClerkClerk Cadmus Family of Schools
Michelle SheehyCo-HeadteacherCo-Headteacher Millfield Primary School.
Mrs Laura GuyStaff GovernorTeacher
Mr Ilyas TarajiaCo-optVice Chair Palfrey Junior School
Mrs Rebecca HawesCo-optPalfrey Junior School / Leighswood School
Mrs Bernadette RatcliffeCo-optVice Chair Palfrey Junior School
Ms Emily KinseyHead of School, PalfreyHoS Palfrey Junior School
Afran MahoodAssociate GovernorAssociate Governor

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